We are more than One of Us


Paris Creative Director / VFX Supervisor

Emmanuel Pichereau

Animation Director

Stephen Enticott

Head of CG

Felipe Canfora

Head of Compositing

Natham Remy

Head of FX

Arpita Venugopal

Head of Animation

Catherine Mullan

Head of Creatures

Ceylan Shevket Jawara

Head of Prep & Roto

Stephen J Smith

VFX Supervisor (Paris)

Dominique Fiore

VFX Supervisor

James Brennan-Craddock

VFX Supervisor

Louis Laflamme-Fillion

VFX Supervisor

Victor Tomi

VFX Supervisor

Bodie Clare

VFX Supervisor

Lars Andersen

VFX Supervisor

Ola Hamletsen

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