Total VFX Shots

The Book of Clarence

The Book of Clarence is a 2023 American epic biblical comedy-drama film produced, written, and directed by Jeymes Samuel. It centers around a struggling down-on-his-luck man named Clarence living in 29 A.D. Jerusalem looks to capitalise on the rise of Jesus Christ by claiming to be a new Messiah sent by God, in an attempt to free himself of debt and start a life of glory for himself.

Our work consisted of many different effects including extending and creating environments in order to set the scene for this biblical tale. Adding crowd members in the background and sometimes replacing extras, sometimes using multiple takes to create a single shot.

From simple clean up like removing modern elements such as satellite dishes, parking signs, set lights, crash matte removal etc. To much more elaborate sequences like having multiple spears passing through an actor.

In one scene a character is being stoned (with rocks) so we have CG animated rocks that are stopped in mid air by a mysterious messiah. The messiah also heals the wounds of the stoned which leads to a face transition from blooded and bruised to clean.

In another scene, our main character’s are getting stoned. This leads to a more magical sequence where we have multiple actors floating and flying through the air. Extensive wire removal was needed, plus we also added interactive CG smoke. We added exhale smoke into the environment, which reacted to character movement. At one point our protagonist has an idea, which is illustrated by a CG lightbulb appearing above his head!

We have a dynamic Chariot Race sequence with fast paced chariots which involved cleaning up the set / crews / stunt performers etc. We also built a CG Chariot which we used to cover the stunt drivers.


VFX HOD / OOU VFX Supervisor
Adam Azmy
Ashlee Sutherland
2D Supervisor
Andy Tusabe
CG Supervisor
Nile Hylton
Line Producer
Sheila Silveira
Production Coordinator
Ellie Rooke
Production Assistant
Lola Kalyango