VFX Shots

Six Triple Eight

Six Triple Eight is a Netflix / Tyler Perry Studios feature film about World War II’s only all-black, all-female battalion. The 6888th Battalion contributed to the war effort in a unique way: by sorting through a three-year backlog of undelivered mail and delivering the mail to American soldiers far from home. In the face of discrimination and a vast, unfamiliar country divided by a global conflict, these 855 women brought hope to the front lines. “No mail, low morale” was the motto they gave themselves, and they fulfilled the promise of delivered mail (17 million pieces of it!) when the United States needed it most.

The work One Of Us completed included CG crowd extensions, helping to transform the 200 on-set actors into a battalion of over 800 troops. Full CG vehicles, including military planes, trucks, jeeps, and a converted ocean liner, the “SS Ile De France”; a full CG stormy sea with simulated boat-wake and white water. Extensive DMP and CG environment work for a number of environments: a war-torn 1940s Glasgow, a junk-filled barracks interior, Washington DC and The White HouseA disused RAF Airbase filled with thousands of CG mailbags. Adding to this bulk of the work, there was a FX truck explosion sequence, and many other shots with modernity cleanup, DMP augmentation, and comp enhancements.



James Woods
Robin Ashworth-Cape
2D Supervisor
Kenn Kalvik
CG Supervisor
Anton Smit
Line Producer
Carlijn Hoogstad
Production Coordinator
Samuel Huxtable