VFX Shots

A follow on from the BBC series of the same name, Luther follows a London detective who doesn’t play by the rules. Picking up from the last episode aired in 2019, we find Detective John Luther in prison, but when a psychopathic serial killer Robey lets loose on his city, he only has one option – escape and bring him to justice by all means necessary.

Our work includes a lot of hyper real VFX, lots of fire, complex crowd sprite compositing and some full CG shots to top it all off!


Ashlee Sutherland
Louis Laflamme-Fillion
2D Supervisor
Kazia Bouladoux & Kenn Kalvik
CG Supervisor
Zach du Toit
Associate Producer
Carla Conradie
Line Producer
Sheila Da Silveira
Production Coordinator
Ellie Rooke & Flora Pommellet-Papadakis
Prodcution Assistant
Lola Kalyango