VFX Shots

Adapted from the game of the same name, Fallout is set in post nuclear apocalyptic world some 200 years after a cataclysmic, warring factions emerge from special vaults built by the company Vault-Tec, but their world is very different to The Wasteland above which is inhabited by mutated monsters struggling to survive.

The work delivered consisted of DMP set extensions, Full CG environments (chimney stacks, fx smoke, trees, vines, cars, rubble, buildings etc.) anything that would help create the ‘Fallout derelict post apocalyptic landscape look’.

Fun fact… Some easter eggs for the Fallout game fans. We used billboards and cars straight from Fallout 4 (with permission of course). You can see one of the trucks poking out of the water in the Rancho Park sequence.



Sheila Da Silveira
Leo Costa
2D Supervisor
Andrew Tusabe
CG Supervisor
Stuart Hogton
Line Producer
George Butler
Production Coordinator
Eleanor Rooke