A tentative return to the workplace…

For the last 18 months, our offices have been closed and we have been working with government guidance – following the roadmap when it comes to working from home wherever possible. Following the recent announcement confirming the easing of restrictions across the UK, we are excited to begin implementing ‘blended working’ – between working from the office and home. 

During the pandemic, we have discovered a new way of working. At first, this meant spending the day battling with technology but it has also brought a lot of positives – more flexibility, a more satisfying work/life balance and less time on a crowded tube. Of course, one shoe will not fit all which is why we are creating Blended Working Guidelines. Our aim is to find a balance for remote working options that take into account personal preference where possible, prioritising productivity, communication, efficiency, and the needs of our clients and projects. We anticipate that there will be a lot of learning along the way and with feedback and patience from our artists and crew, we will adapt and work towards this new way of working 

Whilst covid-19 is still very present in the community, we will be encouraging our people to take the necessary personal precautions to keep themselves (and others) as safe as possible at all times while maintaining social distancing, the use of hand sanitiser and optional face masks in common areas of the office. We have recently conducted a company-wide survey so we have open and direct communication with our artists and crew about next steps in regards to reopening the office and the easing of restrictions.

Written by: Alex McDermott
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